Scully To Bush: Has the Media Been Fair to You?

An interesting nugget from Steve Scully’s recent interview for C-SPAN with President Bush:

    Q Media — another institution here.


    Q A lot of cable talk shows, a lot of radio programs talking about you. First of all, do you watch the programs?


    Q And have the media treated you fairly?

    THE PRESIDENT: You know, it’s hard to tell. I mean, I will tell you my relationship with the media is — with the individuals in the media has been very good. And that’s all I can expect. Of course I read what’s written, and a lot of times don’t like what’s written. Then I realize they may not like what I’m saying. But I have no complaints. In other words, I’m not one of these guys that say, oh, man, everybody misunderstood me because of the media. I’m a little disappointed at some of the platforms that encouraged harsh rhetoric.

    Q Such as?

    THE PRESIDENT: “Bush is a liar.” And there’s a — it seems like to me that there’s such competition for air space that some people feel like if they can yell louder, with harsher rhetoric, then they’ll get noticed.