Scotland’s Lighthouse Fends Off Death, Shall Live to See More Days

While some scramble to figure out how to fix things in Los Angeles at the MoCA, it looks like some relief has been delivered at The Lighthouse, Scotland’s center for architecture and design. You might recall us talking about their dire outlook a little while ago. Fortunately, the city council has stepped in to clear some debts and the national government has agreed to help out with some future projects, thus allowing the center to branch out a bit and figure out where to go next and avoid this happening again. Here’s a bit more:

The council has also agreed to fund redevelopment work at The Lighthouse aimed at boosting its commercial activity, which currently raises $1.5m annually.

This will bring the centre’s level one gallery back into the public realm and free up its fourth floor gallery for income raising ventures.

Scottish Enterprise has also agreed to support The Lighthouse’s business programme.

Nice to see a bunch of groups step in for the common good. Here’s to hoping for the best for the center’s future.