Scoring Your Social Media Recruits

The challenge for recruiters these days—besides having positions to recruit for—is that the old ways to judge candidates aren’t working anymore. When once it was a challenge to find a candidate from a top university with experience at top companies in the field, now a quick Google or Linkedin search brings up hundreds of candidates.

Clearly, we need to narrow the field even more.

Boris Epstein, CEO and Founder of BINC, a professional search firm, came up with a list of criteria for judging potential recruits. On he writes: “If all else were equal, like education, work history and general skill set, and I had to evaluate the social media footprints of two candidates to determine which one of them I would contact, which one would I contact and why?”

On LinkedIn, he’d choose the person who:

  1. Has genuine recommendations from peers, managers and colleagues
  2. Has the more complete profile
  3. Is a member of more groups pertaining to their respective field
  4. Has a picture
  5. Lists interests, hobbies and other information related to their life outside of work
  6. Participates and highlights their involvement in non-paid projects related to their field (open-source, community, volunteer, conference)
  7. Updates their status more often
  8. Asks and answers more questions
  9. Links to their employer, blog and other projects of interest
  10. Has the larger network

There are criteria for other social media too, at the original post. This is not only a great resource for hiring managers and recruiters navigating the web2.0 landscape, but for all jobseekers who might want to brush up their online profiles.

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