Nicole Remini Fact-Checks the Chicago Sun-Times

First, there was Paul Haggis; then, no doubt, the fear that Katie Holmes would speak out if wrongly handled. One summer later, after the Cruise-Holmes divorce, the Church of Scientology’s media relations folks (and outside crisis PR firm) must now deal with the media pit stops of Leah Remini’s feisty older sister Nicole.

It started, as we reported, with a Minneapolis-St.Paul FM radio station (Remini lives in the area). Today, it continues – and oh, how it continues – with The Underground Bunker’s Tony Ortega.

One detail that jumped out for us is Nicole’s allegation that a portion of Bill Zwecker’s Sun-Times column is completely erroneous. Here’s what Zwecker wrote:

Since then I’ve learned the two actresses [Leah Remini, Kirstie Alley] have chatted and there is no loss of friendship.

And here is Nicole’s reaction:

Nicole says there’s no truth to the Sun-Times report at all — her sister has not talked with Alley. And she says Leah is disgusted and disappointed that Kirstie and others have not called her to find out what’s really going on.

What this suggests to FishbowlNY is that someone knowingly fed Zwecker some completely bogus information. Not exactly unusual in this kind of exploding PR war.

We’ve reached out to the Sun-Times for comment and will update the item if-when suitable. In the meantime, Nicole Remini is this summer’s unlikeliest (non-reality TV minted) U.S. media star: an older sister who’s had enough and is not afraid to explain why.

[Photos of Remini with Jenna Elfman, Alley: s_bukley, carrie-nelson/]

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