Scientology Watcher Wonders: What’s Up in Commerce?

The Morton Report contributor Skip Press has another intriguing entry today about the Church of Scientology. Although he does not (by his own admission) have the resources to connect all the dots, he gets the ball rolling by raising the possibility that a massive printing facility recently  outfitted by the Church of Scientology in Commerce may be about more than just publishing the organization’s own materials.

Press, who once worked for the Church’s “Author Services” division, starts at a book option (Internet Dates from Hell) by Tom Cruise‘s former agent and production partner Paula Wagner, and ends some 1,200 words later with the idea that the output capabilities of the 185,000 square foot operation on Badini Blvd. greatly exceed the Church’s internal needs. Especially, he argues, since they already have another similar facility on Olympic Blvd. in east LA:

I did a bit more investigation and found out there are special padded floors inside [the Commerce facility], so workers can stay on their feet all day long without getting so exhausted… What in the world could they be doing to keep those presses going?…

Press floats some other balloons that have already been punctured (a rep from cited company Author Solutions for example has already confirmed it has no ties to the Church). But the article is an interesting example of call-and-response blog journalism, as the author concludes by inviting readers with knowledge of this subject to confirm or deny his train of thought.

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