Scientific American eBook Explores The Science Behind Sex & Love

The editors of Scientific American magazine have a new eBook out exploring the science behind sex and love called Disarming Cupid: Love, Sex and Science.

The eBook analyzes how love works from a scientific point of view and examines things like rise of online dating, how we choose our romantic partners and what happens to our brains when we’re in love. The book has a chapter on gender identity and sexual orientation. It even delves into the psychology of prostitution and the sex appeal of narcissists.

Check it out: “Since the musicians can’t seem to decide whether Love Will Keep Us Together or Love Is a Battlefield, maybe it’s time to turn elsewhere. Scientists are just as fascinated by affairs of the heart, here we examine romance research that uses fMRI studies and other tools.” The eBook is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble for $3.99.

The magazine launched its eBook series this past summer. Since then, they have published fourteen titles about large issues in the scientific community. Other eBooks include: The Science of Sports: Winning the Olympics; Playing Politics: The Science of Elections; and The Influenza Threat: Pandemic in the Making.