Schneider Named New Business Editor

The Post’s Sandy Sugawara made the following announcement recently:

    I am delighted to announce that Greg Schneider will be the new Business Editor. I have worked with Greg for many years – when he was the defense industry reporter, air security reporter and the technology editor. I was always impressed by Greg’s dogged reporting, graceful writing and his creativity. I was particularly struck by his ability to transform the Financial section’s technology coverage, inspiring his reporting and editing team to produce original and engaging pieces and to try new ways to cover traditional beats. Reporters lobbied me to work for Greg and would regularly tell me how much he helped elevate their work, because he was a good listener and a smart editor who knew how to drive a competitive news story or shape a feature.

    Before coming to the Post, Greg worked at the Virginian-Pilot in Norfolk, the Los Angeles Times and the Baltimore Sun. He joined the Post in January 2000 to cover the defense industry. Since September, he has helped lead the Post’s national security team, where he has won the respect of his colleagues for his calm and intelligent oversight of this highly competitive story.

    In all his positions, Greg has demonstrated the kind of vision and leadership skills that will make him a valuable partner for me as we continue to seek new and creative ways to tackle issues like economy policy, corporate accountability, technology and government contracting, in print and on the web.