Live, from New York… It’s Five New SNL Faces

For this week’s print edition, The Hollywood Reporter has the double scoop on five incoming Saturday Night Live cast members. It’s the largest performer turnover since Will Ferrell ‘s 1995-96 debut season.

Reporter Seth Abramovitch touches briefly on the various audition locales and performer gambits, including this post-post-modern material from Noel Wells, who is one of the five new faces:

Wells “blew everyone away,” says one attendee, with her impression of a Vine video. (She played a screaming fan at a Rihanna concert who falls and repeats the embarrassing moment again and again.)

The other incoming cast members are Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney (USC pals who formed the sketch comedy troupe Good Neighbor), John Milhiser and Mike O’Brien. To find out which one of these folks does a mean Jon Cryer, click on.

Update (September 16):
A subsequent USA TODAY piece notes that also new this year, to the writing staff, will be Brooks Whelan.