Saturday LA Times


The LA Times runs an editorial about Netflix and the rating system. Why? Good question.

Meghan Daum uses her Op-Ed real estate to bemoan the breeding of a hypoallergentic cat. Too expensive, too many cats already. If anyone was still undecided on this burning issue of our times, Daum should sway them. That’s a big if.

Tavis Smiley‘s as-told-to auto bio, written with the great David Ritz, gets a less-than-serious treatment from Bernadette Murphy. She vacillates between patting him on the head for a delightful, easy-going tone and hand-wringing about how his parents disciplined their kids.

Tim Rutten has important points to make about the value of newspapers, but he smothers them in a stuffy wet blanket of Henry Adams references. He calls for

investing in civil and reasonable editorial pages

by which we hope he doesn’t mean more work on movie rentals and high-priced kitties.