SAT Prep Book By Emmy-Nominated Comedian

Know someone who wants to ace the SAT but doesn’t give a damn when the third train carrying the iguanas will arrive at the station? Then put your faith — and SAT score — in the capable hands of Charles Horn, PhD, Emmy-nominated writer (Robot Chicken) and, of course, SAT prep tutor.

Horn has a new book out, The Laugh Out Loud Guide: Ace the SAT Exam without Boring Yourself to Sleep! (Andrews McMeel). It’s filled with standard-issue formulas twisted into ironic oblivion:


1. Yo Momma so _______, when you mail her a letter, you need two zip codes.

(A) diaphanous
(B) luminous
(C) ravenous
(D) grisly
(E) corpulent

2. Let x, y, and z equal the number of times Veronica, Ben, and Debbie respectively want to punch Terry in the face because he uses “LOL” in actual conversation instead of just in text messages and e-mails. If the average (arithmetic mean) of x and y is 4, and the average of x, y, and z is 10, what is the value of z?

We met Horn two years ago at Math Club. He was nice enough to talk to us then, and he’s nice enough (and in enough need of free publicity) to talk to us again:

1. Did you take any SAT prep courses when you were in high school? I grew up in Canada where we don’t even need to take the SAT. But I aced the GRE (the SATs for grad school). No prep course, but I did a lot of practice tests. Studying does help you achieve a higher score; I just think you shouldn’t have to pay thousands of dollars if you don’t want to. And while not all tutoring companies are bad, there are definitely some predatory ones out there ripping people off by scaring them.

2. Did you start writing some of this while you were an actual tutor? Absolutely. The Official SAT Study Guide is what gave me the idea. It’s practically begging for someone to come out with a fun version.

3. What did you wear to the Emmys? A Gregory’s (as in the cheapest rental at Gregory’s Tux Shop in North Hollywood).