Santa Barbara News-Press Wins Some, Losses Some In Court

catherinepres.jpegThere still at it up north. A U.S. District Court judge this week allowed most of the claims in a lawsuit filed by the Santa Barbara News-Press against the Santa Barbara Independent to go to trial. Included in those claims is a copyright infringement allegation, but the judge dismissed three key claims of unfair business competition, intentional interference with business advantage, and negligent interference with business advantage. He also left a claim of trade-secret stealing to be determined later.

You might recall, the News-Press made headlines in July 2006 when owner Wendy McCaw(ful) and editorial page editor Travis Armstrong started meddling with news content.

The Independent linked to a PDF version of an uncensored N-P story that detailed the paper’s meltdown. This didn’t sit well with the litigious N-P. Neither did the rumor that an Independent reporter got his mits on an unpublished story detailing the arbitration between McCaw(ful) and former editor Jerry Roberts (whom she tried to insinuate was a fan of kiddie porn — yeah, she’s a classy broad).

You can read the whole story here. Do it before the relatives arrive. It’ll make your own family dramas seem a little less … expensive.