Santa Barbara News-Press Found Guilty of Multiple Labor Violations

The Santa Barbara News-Press, owned by Wendy McCaw, has become notorious for their poor treatment of journalists and lawsuit-happy ways. We’ll probably get sued just for blogging about it, but the news is too good to ignore.

Today the National Labor Relations Board ruled that the News-Press was guilty of multiple unfair labor practices. See, back in 2006 and 2007, management got a little thuggish during the newsroom’s union organizing campaign. Threats were made, jobs were lost. But today the paper was called to the carpet for their union-busting ways. They’ve been found guilty of illegally firing eight reporters for union activity, and were ordered to reinstate said reporters and issue them back pay.

The Santa Barbara Independent further details the News-Press crimes:

The News-Press violated federal labor law by threatening employees with discipline for engaging in protected union activity by discharging newsroom employee Bob Guilliano for refusing to commit an unfair labor practice; by engaging in surveillance of employees’ protected union activity; issuing letters of suspension for engaging in union activity; canceling Starshine Roshell’s column for discriminatory reasons; and giving lower evaluations to employees because of their support for the union.

The company plans to appeal the decision. The full decision from the NLRB can be downloaded here.