San Gabriel Valley Newspaper Group Gets A New Editor And A New General Manager

And they’re the same person- Steve Lambert. Just so we’re clear, the San Gabriel Valley Newspaper Group includes the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Pasadena Star-News and Whittier Daily News. Steve Lambert will be replacing Fred Board. What happened to Mr. Board? Where did he go? It seems Steve Lambert is also already the vice president of news for the Los Angeles Newspaper Group. If it makes things any less confusing for the reader, all the aforementioned newspaper groups are part of the MediaNews Group empire.

What still has me confused is just how many jobs this Lambert guy is going to be doing?

Gary Scott understands all of this better than I do. Check out his blog for details, an internal memo, and some snarky comments. What is being said in the comments may be debatable- Is Fred Board a no talent pencil pusher? Is Steve Lambert journalism’s antichrist? Who knows? What matters is that disgruntled journalists have a public forum for their vitriol. And that is how we build community.