San Francisco Police Department Gets Background Check App

California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr have come together to introduce a new app that is designed to help officers in the field. It’s called JusticeMobile. It gives law enforcement agents immediate access to state and federal criminal justice information, so that they don’t have to call or radio in to get information on a potential perp.

After successful beta testing, the app is rolling out to all SFPD officers. The Los Angeles Police Department plans to give 3,600 officers the app pretty soon.

“We have mobile apps for everything from banking to board games on our phones. But, incredibly, law enforcement hasn’t had the tools to access important criminal justice information on handhelds and tablets until now,” stated Harris. “JusticeMobile is a quantum leap forward for public and peace officer safety, and it demonstrates our commitment to facilitating the adoption of new technology by law enforcement. I thank Mayor Lee and Chief Suhr for their partnership on this important project.”