San Diego CityBeat in Spat With County Sup

There’s an interesting dust-up happening down in San Diego this week.
The San Diego CityBeat has an excellent investigative piece by Dave Maass in this week’s paper revealing that SD County Supervisor Bill Horn used $80,000 in public money to illegally help finance the pro-life group “Life Perspectives.” Horn took issue with the paper’s reporting, and though he wouldn’t talk to CityBeat prior to the story’s publication, he did release a statement to the local TV stations after the piece came out, trashing the newspaper.

City Beat’s accusations are entirely based on the inaccurate assumption that the county is sponsoring a curriculum that is designed to be used in private, religious schools, but not a single penny of taxpayer funds can or will go toward that use. If you look at the Life Walk website, there is no religious proselytizing going on and county auditors will ensure taxpayer dollars do not go toward religious purposes.

Only one problem: just because an organization doesn’t proselytize on their website, doesn’t mean they aren’t wildly religious in nature.

Maass defended his reporting today on CityBeat’s website.

It’s true, we did look at the Life Walk ’10 website and saw that there was no religious proselytizing going on. In fact, there was no explanation at all as to what was going on, period. There was no clear identification of the purpose of the fundraiser and no description of what services Life Perspectives actually provides. So, we did some investigative journalism, and that’s how we got our story.

Maass then posted images of Life Perspective material from ’09 which clearly show the religious nature of the organization: including quotes like: “We learned about God and how He is the only one who can determine a person’s value.”
Maass reporting looks solid and Horn’s power play doesn’t seem to be working — local TV isn’t buying his slant. Nice try though Mr. Horn.