Samsung's Bold Prediction: 1 Million Galaxy Tab Android Tablets Sold in 2010 – Why I Think They Will Miss This Mark

Here’s a bold prediction from Samsung’s JK Shin, head of Samsung’s mobile division, reported by Reuters.

Samsung sees Galaxy Tab sales above 1 million units this year

With only two months left in the calendar year, the Android-powered Galaxy Tab will need to sell at a rate a bit over 500,000 units per month. And, it will have to provide Apple CEO Steve Jobs wrong. Steve Jobs has gone on record saying that 7-inch tablets are too small and “dead on arrival.”

It has not been a wise move to bet against Steve Jobs in recent years. However, I think a 7-inch tablet will be the “right size” for many people. It is a more “carryable” size that makes up for what will be a more cramped on-screen typing experience. And, while the non-touch-screen Kindle is not a good direct comparison to the iPad, I’ve found it 6-inch non-touch display to be a great size for reading ebooks and that its overall dimensions and weight make it much more comfortable to hold than the iPad.

However, I believe that the Galaxy Tab will not achieve its 2010 million unit sales goal for one simple reason: It is simply priced too high. It the Galaxy Tab WiFi-only model was priced lower at $299 and the 3G model was $399, I think there would be long lines waiting to buy the devices. But, at $499 and $599, I believe holiday shoppers will head to the Apple Store for an iPad.