Samsung Unveils Galaxy Grand 2

Samsung released the latest iteration of its Galaxy Grand smartphone Monday, the Galaxy Grand 2, with a bigger screen and more power than its predecessor.

The new device boasts a 5.25-inch screen with 16:9 HD ratio aimed at improving HD viewing. The big screen, and increased processing power, make the Grand 2 “perfect for watching movies, playing games and e-reading,” the company said. It still weighs about the same as the first Galaxy Grand (163 grams).

It’s powered by a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, longer battery life and more storage space (1.5 GB of RAM, 8GB of internal memory and the option to add a 64GB memory card).

Features include an 8-megapixel camera, dual-SIM capability and “multi-window” that allows users to run one app in two windows at the same time.

Critics at Gizmodo, Engadget and elsewhere were less than impressed by the specs, though, complaining there was no word from Samsung on LTE function for the “middleweight” phone.

It runs on Android’s 4.3 operating system. The phone will be available in white and black, and pink in some regions.