Samsung Nears Agreement on Google TV

LG to announce its own Google product in January

By next year, you could be checking your Gmail on a new device: your flat-screen TV. According to The Wall Street Journal, Google is working with the world’s two largest TV manufacturers, Samsung and LG, to release Google TVs in 2012.

Google is reportedly in the “final stage of talks” with Samsung to partner on a smart TV that will run Android software and allow users to surf the Web, check their mail, and connect with friends, just like on an Android smartphone. The two companies have been working on the partnership since early this year.

While the device is expected to appear in 2012, a Samsung exec told the WSJ that the company isn’t going to announce its Google TV at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this January, where major manufacturers typically make such product announcements.

Samsung rival LG, however, is planning to unveil its own LG-branded Google TV at the trade show in January, according to the WSJ.

While TV manufacturers hope that a Google-enabled product line will boost weakening TV sales, Google is gearing up to compete in the growing TV software arena with Apple, whose own smart TV plans have been creating buzz in recent months.

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