Forbes Pays a Visit to ‘Mr. Magazine’

Another collection of enlightening industry observations from Dr. Samir Husni.

Paul Glader’s Forbes interview with Dr. Samir Husni, the man who watches over the magazine industry from a perch at the University of Mississippi, features a fantastic one-two scroll-down punch. After describing at the very top of the piece how the man known as “Mr. Magazine” occupies an office filled with stacks of publicatons, Glader embeds a photo to prove his point. It’s a shot worth a thousand subscriptions.

Glader’s Q&A with Husni covers a range of topics, starting with the discordant nature of most magazines’ business models:

“In the United States, in the magazine business, we are always after counting customers rather than customers who count. Unless we change the business model to customers who count, somebody who’s willing to appreciate, ‘Wow, this is The New Yorker, I’m going to pay like, $8 for the cover price.’ But then as I am opening it, the card drops on the floor and says ‘You stupid Samir, for another $20, you can get the whole year.’ Why would I buy it from the newsstand?”

Husni also has some pretty interesting observations about the Saturday Evening Post and Adweek. Interviewer Glader is a professor at The King’s College in New York and a media scholar at The Berlin School of Creative Leadership.

Meanwhile, at the Mr. Magazine website end, the most recent industry interview shared by Husni is with Cody Skaaren, creative director of Skaaren Design.

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