Sam Zell Set to Talk About ‘Ethical Boundaries’

For the past eight summers, Will Weinstein, a retired investment banker and teacher at San Francisco State University, has skipped across the Pacific Ocean to run a post-graduate summer course at the University of Hawaii, Mãnoa’s law school, titled “Ethics and Integrity in the Real World.”

This Thursday, he will close out an impressive 2011 roster of class speakers with none other than Sam Zell, for a conversation entitled “The Ethical Boundaries of Entrepreneurial Behavior.” Coming on the heels of last week’s LA Times cuts, Zell should be glad this talk is not happening at USC or UCLA. From the conversation series blurb:

Zell’s investments span industries and continents, and include interests in real estate, energy, logistics, transportation, media, and health care. He is recognized as a founding father of today’s public real estate industry after creating three of the largest real estate investment trusts (REITs) in history.

The fact that Zell is also chairman of the Tribune Company barely rates a mention in his bio for the guest series. If any of our Hawaiian readers can make the free, 6-7:30 p.m. lecture, we would appreciate it if they asked Zell the following question on our behalf: “Are you and Frank McCourt related?”