Sam Youngman’s Goodbye Soirée is ‘The Other Side of This Town’

A sizable gathering of journos packed into the dimly-lit Oyster Bar of Old Ebbitt Grill last night to bid farewell to Sam Youngman, who’s headed to Lexington, Ky. to shake things up at the Kentucky-Herald Leader.

“It’s so easy to sh-t all over this town, and I will continue to do so with great relish,” Youngman told FishbowlDC by email today. “But last night was a reminder that there are so many wonderful and talented people here, and I’m fortunate to know them.”

Kevin Madden, a CNN Contributor, pointed out last night, “This is the other side of This Town.” You hear that Mark Leibovich?

The party was meticulously organized by CBS Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett, who regularly frequents Old Ebbitt and is something of a star there. (We resisted the terrible urge to give Garrett an impromptu spelling test. He assures that he can spell fairly well, just not in a Spelling Bee format.)

See who showed up. Spotted in the crowd: HuffPost‘s Christina Wilkie and her fiance, Wilson, HuffPost‘s Sabrina Saddiqui, lefty radio host Bill Press and his wayward producer Peter Ogburn (also a FishbowlDC Contributor), WSJ‘s Carol Lee and her baby boy, BuzzFeed‘s Evan McMorris-Santoro, The Hill‘s Sheila Casey, WaPo‘s Aaron Blake and his wife, Danielle, Klaus Marre, who decided to dress for the occasion by wearing a strange T-shirt and shorts, Reid Epstein, the Washington Examiner‘s Susan Crabtree, Univision’s Jordan Fabian, CNN’s Jim Acosta, Boston Globe‘s Matt Viser, Politico‘s Glenn Thrush and Juana Summers, Reuters‘ Jeff Mason, Caren Bohan and Steve Holland, Ryan Williams, formerly of the Romney campaign, Mark Pfeifle, NBC’s Kasie Hunt and Mike O’Brien, National Journal‘s Rebecca Kaplan, USA TODAY‘s David Jackson, Bloomberg‘s Julie Davis and Lisa Lerer, and Dallas Morning News‘ Michael Lindenberger.

Quotables and notables: Anthony Weiner’s next job (“Who would hire him for TV?”), swearing on the radio, the use of A-hole, shit and bitch, the shutdown and the free stuff government workers are getting as a result, Sam’s move (of course), Bill Press’s hairdo, the ups and downs of personal blogging, and so forth.