Salkowitz Brings Pulse Format Back to Radio


Pulse 87, which has been keeping the Dance music playing as an Internet station, is now becoming one step closer to returning to the New York radio airwaves.

National radio syndicator MannGroup Radio and famed programmer Joel Salkowitz have entered into an agreement as Sound Ideas Programming Consultants to distribute and consult the Pulse CHR/Dance format to radio.

The first affiliate is The Vibe KVBE-FM in Las Vegas.

The station will not use New York based Pulse 87’s programming. Instead, Salkowitz, known for helming Hot 97 and Sirius Satellite Radio, will give input and guidance for the locally programmed station.

Salkowitz discussed what this means for New York, after the jump.

Salkowitz says the term “Pulse format” is already becoming known in the industry, especially by CBS Radio, who he accuses of trying to rip it off by having “Pulse Parties.”

“It’s a pity that they can’t come up with anything original!” Salkowitz says.

Pulse 87 started out as an FM stationm but owners Mega Media went bankrupt last year, Salkowitz, who was program director, resurrected the station online.

As Pulse continues to thrive on the Internet (he says it receives up to 1 million listeners weekly), Salkowitz and his syndicator are in talks to add their format in other markets, including New York.

“The Dance/CHR format that is referred to as the “Pulse format” continues to be a viable option in New York that would achieve superior ratings than some of the current formats on the air here,” Salkowitz admits.

While his Internet jocks are still not paid, Salkowitz says they are “making progress toward that goal.”