Sales of the HP TouchPad Rumored to Be Low

You won’t hear HP saying that, but according to some inside sources, it appears to be true.

Late last night AllThingsD broke a story that one of the US’s largest gadget retailers, Best Buy, had more TouchPads filling up its warehouses than it knew what to do with. There’s a rumor going around that Best Buy accepted 270,000 TouchPads from HP but have only managed to sell a measly 25o,000. Yes, in the 6 weeks since the TouchPad launched, BB managed to only sell around 25,000.

But it gets worse. The TouchPad has steadily dropped in price since it launched six weeks ago, which has to be something of a first. When was the last time that you can recall a new gadget getting a 20 percent price cut when it’s barely been on the market a month? I don’t know when that has ever happened before.

And then there’s Woot. This daily deals website had the HP TouchPad on sale a couple weeks back and only sold 612 units.

And to top it all off, today is the day that HP will release its earnings report for last quarter. How much do you want to bet that the first question asked will be about the TouchPad?