S.E. Cupp Gets the Day 1 Win for Jeopardy! Power Players Week

She went up against Chuck Todd and Jonathan Franzen.

Day one of Jeopardy! Power Players week featured author Jonathan Franzen, CNN contributor S.E. Cupp and Meet the Press host Chuck Todd battling it out for the win at the the DAR Constitution Hall in Washington.

How did they do? Here are the highlights.

Round 1

There’s a Meet the Press category.

Cupps gets the first answer. It’s Fenway, from the Ballpark Facts and Figures category. She also gets the Daily Double for the round, in the same category. The answer was Turner Field in Atlanta. Its namesake, Ted Turner, is also the founder of CNN.


After Alex Trebek and Franzen chat about their mutual dislike of Twitter, Cupp’s first comment during her interview is, “I love Twitter, can I just say for the record, I love Twitter.”

With Todd, Trebek brings up the idea of one six-year term for the U.S. president, which Todd thinks is a better idea “than it would be in practice.”
“You give good responses. You should go into politics,” says Trebek re Todd’s answer.
“I answered the question. That’s not what politicians do. Trust me, I’ve learned this,” says Todd.

Back to Round 1

Franzen ducks down in shame for missing a question from the Shakespeare category.

Todd answers a clue to which the answer is Brigadoon, as in the musical.

At the end of round 1, Cupp is in first with $5,200, Franzen in second with $5,000 and Todd in third with $2,600.

Round 2

There’s a Meet the Prez category, which Todd chooses first.

Current events metaphor question: Todd wins the buzzer game for “Whig party” to a clue stating that Fillmore was the party’s last president. Cupp, who loses the buzzer game on that one, nods knowingly.

Franzen gets the first daily in round two: Quadriceps.

Franzen’s work gets a nod with the Corrections category. One of the answers is Dewey as in, Dewey Defeats Truman.

Franzen gets the second Daily Double. Answer: Israel and Jordan. They have the lowest sea level.

At the end of the second round, the scores are close. Todd has $12,200. Cupp has $13,200. Franzen has $14,800. It will be a competitive final Jeopardy.

Final Jeopardy

The subject is Political Terms. You couldn’t come up with something harder, Trebek?

And then the clue is introduced, and we walk back our criticism of this being a cakewalk:

Officials called tribunes sat at Rome’s Senate door & if they didn’t like what was going on, shouted this Latin word.

The results

Todd loses it all on “nay,” which he knew was incorrect.
Cupp goes with “cloture,” and drops down to $10,000 thanks to her conservative $3,200 bet.
Franzen goes with “non,” also incorrect.

The correct response: veto, to which the contestants respond with “ooohs,” as well as a slap on the forehead from Franzen.

Trebek discloses Franzen’s wager: $13,201. He’s down to $1,599.

S.E. Cupp is the winner, earning $50,000 for her charity, the No Kid Hungry campaign from Share Our Strength.

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