Ryan Seacrest Hosts ‘American Presidential Idol’

Perhaps by 2018, the American Presidential voting process will be decided by nationwide AT&T telephone voting, after each of the two candidates has put forth their best final performance in front of a panel of left-right-center judges. Until then, the closest thing to American Presidential Idol is this morning’s 10-minute KIIS-FM conversation between Ryan Seacrest and President Obama.

Never mind that AI Season Two winner Ruben Studdard is currently more popular than Commander-in-Chief 44 victor Barack Obama. After the Prez phoned in, the pixie king of all media urged him to remind young listeners how important it is today to get out and vote:

“This is such a critical election, because we’re living in a huge moment of change in this country…” Obama concurred. “I am optimistic about this country because of young people. Because of their energy, because of their enthusiasm, because of their ideas. But none of that will make a difference if they’re not participating.”

Eventually, Seacrest segued to more familiar interview ground. For Halloween, Malia went as a Sour Patch girl and Sasha was a turkey; also, Obama revealed that he does not have the luxury of a radio-alarm clock snooze button in the morning. Instead, he said that a White House operator keeps calling him until he rises on this, Election Day, and every other work day. Unlikely Seacrest interview, out!