Ryan Adams Defends Glamour Writer’s Double-Life

ryan_adams_jessica_joffe.jpgIt’s hot, sticky, but stick with this one: Jessica Joffe, the former New York Observer scribe, wrote the cover story for Glamour‘s September issue. In what she calls a “funny coincidence,” she also appears on the back cover in an ad for Banana Republic. A couple quips here and there from media blogs. No harm, no foul.

Then, Joffe’s supposed boyfriend, New York rocker and judicious blog reader Ryan Adams got involved, sending an e-mail to our friends at Gawker and posting lengthy comment on Jossip:

To trash a decent, thoughtful, hardworking beautiful person is exactly what one would expect of you and websites such as this. You make the world, each day you do this to people, a worse place to live. Do what you like, trash who you must, but know that kharma is a bitch. The reason you are so attracted to causing pain and judging others, is because of the obvious lack of kindness and love in your own life. I hope you are proud of yourself. Every day you continue to tear people down, I hope you think about what kind of world you are creating and what you are leaving for your children and others. Ryan Adams, fuck up, human being, charmed citizen of earth in support of JJ.


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