Ruth Seymour Reflects On 32 Years At KCRW

Under Ruth Seymour’s tenure as General Manager, KCRW went from a small struggling operation to one of the most successful public radio stations in America. After 32 years with the station, she has decided to retire. In an interview with Los Angeles Magazine, the 75-year-old Seymour offers some advice for her successor that perhaps all media executives would do well to heed:

There is an enormous shifting away, a lack of investment in programming and increased investment in the new bells and whistles of digital technology. But the reason people listen is that they’re intrigued or fascinated or interested in the content. That’s the most important thing to remember, and it is the thing that increasingly concerns me – that independent producers, the people who are the creative types, are marginalized today in favor of the technology people. It’s a real failure not to understand that the business you’re in is programming.

Content is king, baby.

Photo by Marc Goldstein

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