Russert and Huffington

After all of the ranting against Tim Russert we’ve heard from the Huffington Post, we finally get Tim’s take on it all.

Well, sort of.

Interviewed in Sunday’s New York Times Magazine (about everything from Mother’s Day to fathers to church to whether his next book will be called “Big Betty and Me”, in reference to his mother), Russert was asked by Deborah Solomon whether he read the Huffington Post:

    I don’t. There are so many untruths, it is scary. You know, there’s a long history here.

Solomon then wondered if Russert thought Huffington held a grudge against him following the tough Vanity Fair profile written of Huffington by Russert’s wife, Maureen Orth.

    I have the unique honor of having been criticized by her from the right and the left. When she was a hard-line conservative, she criticized me, and now she is a hard-line liberal, and she criticizes me.

And that, my friends, is called a “dodge.”

Rachel Sklar, current author of the Huffington Post’s “Russert Watch” (and former sister at FishbowlNY), seems to agree: “I think it is pretty shady to assert that a publication contains ‘many untruths’ without providing solid evidence to back up that claim (and no, admitting that you don’t actually read it does not quite count).”