Russell Simmons: ‘It’s Unbelievable That the News Gets Away with Sensationalizing’

After reading the Global Grind interview between Russell Simmons and his friend Roger Ailes of Fox News, we decided to ask the entertainment mogul and author about the issues he thinks the media are neglecting.

“In my opinion — and this has nothing to do with Roger and Fox, or CNN or MSNBC, in particular — but there’s a lack of priority of human suffering,” Simmons explained. “You have to be creative to do stuff that really is useful and important and helpful to humanity on the news, or things you should know. You should know that 15,000 Africans died yesterday for lack of clean water. You should know it.”

Although the Super Rich author says he has no journalistic or political aspirations himself, he says the onus is on the audience to demand more.

“I think that it’s kind of unbelievable that the news gets away with sensationalizing the one guy for instance who wanted to burn a book… It’s really unbelievable that we don’t call the media, or stop the media, stop watching the media, or make fun of the media for provoking so much negativity.”

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