Rush Limbaugh Takes The Piss Out Of Pees On Earth

Conservative radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh used up a few inches in his Limbaugh Letter to blast the recently-published Pees On Earth, a book of photographs by New York-based Ellen Jong, whose inspiration was, well, just what the title says: her pee. Jong traveled the world capturing peeing — hers and others — on film.

Limbaugh writes:

Most people relieve themselves in private. But if you’re a card-carrying member of the lefty arts-and-croissants crowd, you snap photos. Many years ago, Ellen Jong was forced by a long Mahattan line to take an, ahem, outdoor bathroom break. Being a self-absorbed photographer, she was struck by the astonishing beauty of what trickled down the sidewalk. … Contributor Annie Sprinkle provides the pretentious lib gobbledygook text.

Forget our take* on the book for a second. Why on pee-stained earth would Rush Limbaugh care about a small book that tests the limits of, in essence, a urine sample?


* Gimmicky, sure, but impressive, too, particularly in Jong’s ability to make urinating a psychedelic experience. [image courtesy of powerHouse Books/Ellen Jong]