Rupert Murdoch on 2016: Everyone is Good but Romney

Poor ol' Mitt

Media baron Rupert Murdoch remains unmoved by Mitt “F*ck It Let’s Try Again” Romney. Politico reports that in a talk at the Manhattan Institute, Murdoch had positive things to say about pretty much every Republican thinking of running in the 2016 presidential election. Aside from Romney, that is.

When asked about Rand Paul, Murdoch said he was “very impressed by his brain.” He said that he wouldn’t write off Chris Christie. He proclaimed that Scott Walker would be an “interesting candidate.” Then, sadly, the subject of Romney running for the 247th time was broached.

“I rather agree with the Journal this morning, which sort of lacerated Romney,” Murdoch explained, referring to an op-ed. “He had his chance, he mishandled it, you know? I thought Romney was a terrible candidate.” Murdoch also blasted Romney for “destroying every other Republican with his own money.”

When an obscenely rich man is mad at another obscenely rich man for acting too obscenely rich, you know things are bad.