Rupe Is an Obama Groupie, Thinks Olbermann Is Crazy

Looks like that NYPost endorsement was no fluke, Rupert Murdoch thinks Barack Obama is a “rock star” (also our qualifications for what would make a good president).

Rupe opined on a number of things at this year’s D conference including the fact he thinks John McCain is “unpredictable…doesn’t know much about the economy” or “organizing a campaign it would seem.” (He does say that McCain is a “decent guy” and a “patriot” because as we all know, running for president is the quickest way to have your “patriotism” questioned).

As for Rupe’s take on how the metropolitan newspapers should deal with dropping ad revenue, he advises them to “publish articles that people ‘want to read,’ rather than ‘writing articles to win Pulitzer Prizes'” (we imagine Nick Denton will be happy to hear this). Other notable tidbits: WSJ readers should be reader for a rise in subscription rates, unlike NYT’s subscribers they apparently are not carrying enough of the burden.

Also, if you are holding out for more liberal voices on Fox you may be waiting a while, Rupe says that he would hire them if he could find them. Olbermann? “No, I fired him five years ago…He’s crazy.” A popular opinion these days it would seem.

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