Rumor: ZuneHD to Include a Web Browser? I Hope it is Better Than IE for Windows Mobile

WMPowerUser has what they say is a photo of the unannounced Microsoft ZuneHD media player…
New ZuneHD pictures, details
If the photo is correct, the ZuneHD looks a lot like an iPod touch. Just substitute the touch’s single button at the bottom with a long rectangular button.
The two most interesting features mentioned by WMPowerUser are:
1. A multi-touch screen (like the iPod touch)
2. A web browser (again like the iPod touch)
I sure hope this rumored ZuneHD web browser is better than Windows Mobile’s Internet Explorer browser which only renders web pages designed specifically for mobile sites. If this ZuneHD can install and run apps, the good ol’ Pocket PC might be reborn 🙂