Rumor: Tagged Platform will mimic Facebook Platform APIs

Shortly after Facebook launched the Platform in May of this year, LinkedIn announced that it would be offering its own platform in “9 to 12 months”. Since then, expectations have grown that many of the major social networking services will build their own platforms as well. In fact, just yesterday, Hi5, the third largest social network, said that it is building an application platform that will launch in about a year.

As more and more social networks announce Platform plans, it becomes harder and harder to attract and sustain a critical mass of application developers. As new platforms emerge, widget and SNAP companies have to port their apps to run on the new platform.

Today, I got word from a credible source that fast growing Tagged, which has well over 40 million members, is building a platform that will exactly mimic the Facebook Platform API. In other words, if successfully implemented, Facebook apps will be able to run on Tagged without any significant code changes (developers will have to manage the different user communities, of course).

If true, Tagged would be the first to take the path of choosing to emulate the dominant platform’s API. While this will lead to many more apps entering the Tagged ecosystem, Tagged will have the task of keeping up to date with Facebook’s changes, even if they build their own custom extensions.

We’ll keep following general platform news as other social networks enter the fray over the coming months.

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