Rumor: Dell Android-based Tablet with 5-inch Display? Need Something to Replace my iPod touch

I declared a personal moritorium on discussing the dozens or hundreds of rumors about any Apple tablet. But, I’m perfectly happy to discuss other speculations about products that interest me. This one from Pocket-lint is one such rumor…

Dell Android tablet hitting CES 2010

I really want a fast booting lightweight Intenet tablet type device that can also run local apps (this rules out Chrome OS for me). If Dell’s tablet running Android can also run apps from the Android market for phones, they will have a winner on their hands and at least one highly probable customer (me). The speculated 5-inch screen sounds like a near perfect size: Small enough to carry easily, large enough to see easily. A 7-inch screen would be nice. But, I think anything larger would be too bulky to carry.

I’m basically looking for something to replace my iPod touch as a general purpose web tablet that is small enough not to need a backpack to carry around outside of the home.