Ross Levinsohn Segues to Scout Media

Per Keith J. Kelly, there has been no shortage of high-level activity at Scout Media.

The company secured backing from the Pilot Group, a venture capital fund headed by former AOL CEO Bob Pittman. It amalgamated North American Hunter, PGA Sports and other media assets from Pittman’s North American Membership Group. And this week, it welcomed a very recognizable executive chairman – former Guggenheim Media CEO Ross Levinsohn:

Levinsohn will once again be teaming up with James Heckman, Scout’s CEO and founder. Heckman had exited as head of global media strategy for Yahoo shortly after new CEO Marissa Mayer nixed his plan to aggressively remake the company.

The announcement was made Thursday. As noted by Variety, Heckman and Levinsohn also worked together previously on and Joining Scout Media as well are several folks from Maxim parent Alpha Media.

In a post on Medium, Levinsohn framed the notion of collaborating with familiar friends and colleagues as follows:

The most fun one has in his or her career is working with people you really like.