Rosen, Lewis on Prom (Oh, And Other Things)

The New York Times Neil Lewis thought NYU Professor Jay Rosen was unfair to NYT’er Jim Rutenberg in a previous post.

In this exchange, the two hash out lots of issues, including the NYT decision to pull out of WHCA weekend.

From Rosen:

    Watching the dinner on C-SPAN, I found it impossible to decide: Are the press people sitting there with Bush sitting there as professionals who…

  • previously understood and corrected for their most egregious failure in 50 years?

  • remain in general denial about their most egregious failure in 50 years?

  • persist in ironic detachment from this debacle, so as to return things as smoothly as possible to Normal?

  • are completely deluded about the current state of the watchdog press and our basis for trusting it?

  • aren’t worried at all because the bloggers and “activists” who say things like that have an ax to grind?

    It’s impossible to know when you look at that crowd, and this is what Colbert exploited so skillfully for laughs. The WHCA saw it and got Rich Little to come the next year. Dean Baquet and Bill Keller saw that, and pulled the plug. A perception problem, they called it.

    I agree with Michael Getler that newspapers like yours and the Washington Post have done more to reckon with their collapse under Bush than their colleagues in other places, especially TV news, who have done almost nothing. But this is not the same thing as doing enough. Maybe I am wrong, but I get the impression you think the whole subject talked to death.