Roots Gets Enhanced For Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, The Perseus Books Group and NBC News have teamed up to release an enhanced eBook version of Roots.

Roots: The Enhanced Edition, includes the complete original book, as well as a number of multimedia features such as video from the NBC News Archives, Haley family photos, recordings from the Haley Estate and commentary from NBC News Special Correspondent Tom Brokaw.

Perseus and NBC recently began working together on enhanced eBook apps. Their partnership brought about the bestselling book app JFK: 50 Days. David Steinberger, CEO of the Perseus Books Group had this statement: “We’re privileged to continue our partnership with NBC News to create these standard-setting enhanced projects that set the bar for what can be done with classic works. The footage NBC News has in their amazing archive is a virtual time capsule, transporting the viewer back to the cultural moment of publication and adding a new dimension to the experience of Roots.”