Ron Howard Talks About the Voices in His Head

This is probably not exactly what the Tribeca Film Festival intended. But they have just set the bar extremely high for next year’s short-film entrants.

Over the course of four and a half minutes, a delightfully playful Ron Howard shares with visiting director Matthew Akers a few filmmaking secrets, after welcoming Akers and crew to his Millenium Hilton New York hotel room. The “Got milk?” portion is pretty good; but this confession is even better:

“You have to listen to yourself. I have four Ron Howard’s, speaking to me at all times. And I know I have hit upon something good when they’re all in chorus… Harmonics!”

There is much more to savor in the video, timed to coincide with the festival’s announcement of the dates for next year’s edition (April 15-26). Everything from the line-item lesson Howard learned while making Ransom with Mel Gibson to the challenges of dealing on a live set with craft service/Porta Potty’s/talent trailers triangulation.

Bravo, Mssrs. Akers and Howard. Bravo!