ESPN Gives Metta World Peace TV Movie Performance a Solid

It apparently started on the set of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. From there, Nancy Grace decided that Metta World Peace belonged in the Lifetime TV adaptation of her novel The Eleventh Victim, which premieres this Saturday.

Reviewing the TV movie for ESPN magazine, Sam Alipour suggests that MWPT (Metta World Peace Thespian) comes off as “pretty solid.” Although the reporter admits he quickly had to fast-forward his screening copy to MWP’s scenes:

The first thought that jumps to mind: The artist formerly known as Ron Artest isn’t coasting in this. He’s given a sizable role as Garlan Fincher, a police detective and BFF of the film’s prosecutor in distress, played by Jennie Garth of Beverly Hills 90210 fame.

What’s more, Metta is asked to convey an array of emotions over nearly a dozen scenes. He wickedly brandishes a gun in a chase scene and dutifully kicks ass in a courtroom, but he also engages in several tender moments with his co-star.

Alipour goes on to share a Q&A he did with Garth. It was while shooting this production over the summer in Vancouver that Peace famously moonlighted as a local TV weatherman.

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