Romney v. Leibovich

From the Boston Globe:

    Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s campaign is denying a report that aides pulled over a New York Times reporter trailing the former governor’s caravan in New Hampshire, checked his license plates and told him to leave.

    In a story profiling Romney in Saturday editions, the reporter, Mark Leibovich, wrote that while following Romney’s caravan last month, an aide stopped him and told him his plates had been run.

    “As we reported, I was instructed to veer off, which to me is the same as telling someone to leave,” Leibovich said in an interview. “I obviously cannot speak to whether they ran my license plate or not. I can only speak to what the person told me he was doing.”

    New Hampshire law does not allow campaign aides access to license plate databases, nor does it allow private staffers to pull over fellow citizens.

    Romney spokesman Matt Rhoades said Wednesday that the campaign did not stop Leibovich.

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