Romenesko’s Retirement Announcement Makes It To Romenesko

The Huffington Post’s Michael Calderone reported just a bit earlier today that Jim Romenesko, who’s been providing the media world with a steady diet of short news items for twelve years, is “semi-retiring.”

In what might become a media vortex singularity, that item got picked up…by Romenesko.

Romenesko’s going to continue to work for Poynter on a part-time basis and run a blog at, tagged “A blog about media … and other things I’m interested in.”

But don’t worry, journalism junkies: Romenesko the blog isn’t going away. In fact, other names have been contributing to Romenesko off and on since April. As Poynter’s Julie Moos says: “if you haven’t noticed the change already, you may not notice it in January when Jim’s new status begins.”