Los Angeles Journalists Defend Latest Roman Polanski Documentary

Should a documentary conversation between filmmaker Roman Polanski and one of his closest friends and associates have essentially skirted the topic of the 1977 sexual assault above Mulholland Drive? That’s one of the first questions being addressed by local reporters covering this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

At Hollywood Elsewhere, Roman Polanski: A Film Memoir reviewer Jeffrey Wells suggests that “Polanski pitch-forkers will dismiss” the movie. He and colleague Sasha Stone are themselves quick to dismiss in the comments user Abbey_Normal, who innocently asks and then follows up about the topic of whether or not the episode is covered:

Dude, I’m not a pitch-forker, I’m just curious how they addressed it. Did they not even mention it? Wouldn’t most people watching a documentary on Polanski expect them to say SOMETHING about an incident that has haunted him for decades, effectively exiled him from a number of countries, and left him reviled, fairly or not, by massive swaths of people?

Are we to the point now where we can’t even bring it up without being accused of witch huntery? Perhaps my mistake was calling it “child rape”… sorry. I’ll be gentler in the future (sheesh!).

Since yet another forthcoming documentary about Polanski by Marina Zenovich will be all about his successful fight against criminal extradition, perhaps it’s a good thing the bulk of this film concentrates on other aspects of the filmmaker’s life. Never mind that it was shot at Polanski’s Gstaad chalet during his 2009 house arrest.