Rollins Tribute To Late, Great Brendan Mullen Happening NOW

150brenn.jpgHenry Rollins has dedicated his KCRW show this evening to the memory of the recently departed Brendan Mullen. It’s happening from RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND till 8, and can be listened to online at KCRW.

Of Mullen, Rollins writes:

Brendan, damn, he was a cornerstone in the early LA Punk Scene. His club, The Masque was ground zero for so many bands. He was a good guy with a memory like a steel trap.Many years ago, I went through some of his ridiculous photo and flyer collection from back in the day. Incredible. Here’s a cool book that Brendan did:

Live at the Masque: Nightmare in Punk Alley

Tonight, we will listen to music that Brendan was on the scene for, bands that he put onstage, knew and worked with. He was a good guy and will be missed.