Rolling Stone Retracts UVA Rape Article

Columbia's review is damning.

Columbia University’s review of Rolling Stone’s deeply flawed UVA rape article is damning. The report is long and unveils a complete failure to follow “routine journalistic practice.” As a result, Rolling Stone has retracted the entire piece.

The review—penned by Steve Coll—explained that the many errors in the article started with its author — Sabrina Rubin Erdely. Erdely didn’t try to contact any of Jackie’s friends, who were quoted in the article. Instead, the quotes were based on Jackie’s recollections. Those same friends eventually came out and criticized Jackie’s account and the article. Erdely also failed to identify Jackie’s attacker.

Erdely finally commented on the article, releasing a statement that described the unraveling of her article as “a brutal and humbling experience.”

While Columbia’s report lays plenty of blame at Erdely’s feet, it also recognized that Rolling Stone editors are at fault too.

You can read the full Columbia University report here.

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