Roland Martin’s Family Reunion

No, that isn’t the name of the newest Tyler Perry movie, but maybe it should be. CNN Contributor and TVONE host, Roland Martin had a family reunion in Louisiana this weekend. We’re not just talking about “The Fam”, which is how Martin addresses his flock of Twitter followers, but his ACTUAL family. He kicks off the conversation by asking the musical question, “OK, fam. What’s your NUMBER ONE favorite ‪#familyreunion song? Name the song & artist & use the ‪#familyreunion hashtag.” Martin got a series of not-particularly-inspired songs from his internet fam.

Apparently, the real Martin family had a hard time, too. Martin tweeted this out shortly after asking for suggestions.

We must have missed that song on “Now That’s What I Call Music Vol. 973”, but it sounds like quite a party starter. Anyone else have a good idea for the next Martin family reunion? Send us a tip at

Meanwhile, the party games continued.

What does that even mean? Is this like an episode of Maury, where we have to guess the father? Sounds like a great time down South for the entire family.