Roger Ailes Channels Steven Colbert at Rupert Murdoch’s Bender

Last week at a cocktail party hosted by News Corp. president Rupert Murdoch in honor of the Eric Breindel Journalism Awards, Fox TV chief Roger Ailes surprisingly took a page out of Steven Colbert‘s book of presidential skewering.

Reports’s James Brady:

The setting this time, a palatial Manhattan roomful of power brokers, millionaires, media types and celebrities, that unexpectedly featured Roger Ailes getting off a couple of Jon Stewart-quality jokes at the expense of the president. Ailes, a onetime talk show producer who used to hone the image of Republican presidential candidates and now heads Fox TV for Murdoch, is a jolly fellow and an acknowledged wit. But whacking Bush in public? Yet here he was, asking rhetorically: “Thirty years ago, the National Guard couldn’t find George Bush; how are they expected to find Mexicans?”

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