RockYou Launches Video Ad Network for Facebook & Social Apps

RockYou, a leading developer of applications for Facebook and other social networks – as well as one of the leading ad networks for applications on the Facebook Platform and other social networking platforms – is launching support for video ads today.

RockYou’s video ad network offering will allow advertisers to distribute ad videos across multiple social platforms. The company says it can deliver 10 million video views per day in standard IAB units across its popular applications like Super Wall, Pieces of Flair, and Hug Me, as well as other applications in the RockYou ad network. And when users view the video, they will be able to share it with friends via Super Wall. Here’s how it looks:

Collectively, RockYou’s applications reach over 32 million monthly active users on Facebook, according to AppData. RockYou says it reaches over 130 million monthly unique users on Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Hi5 and Friendster overall.