RockYou Acquires Australian Social Strategy Game Developer 3 Blokes

Social game publisher RockYou announced the acquisition of Australian social game developer 3 Blokes Studios this morning. The developer currently has a library for four games and just under 200,000 monthly active users and a little over 10,000 daily active users, according to our traffic tracking service, AppData.

Interestingly, RockYou made a point of stating that 3 Blokes Studios would head up development of strategy and combat-driven Facebook games. This genre was previously under-represented on Facebook, likely because larger social game developers and publishers viewed strategy as too demanding of time for their core demographic. With Zynga and Digital Chocolate releasing semi-casual strategy titles in the last week, however, it seems like strategy is becoming a more attractive genre to social game developers and publishers.

3 Blokes Studios’ largest game, Galactic Trader, is published by 6waves. It’s an involved strategy title that combines trading and combat gameplay mechanics with a bit of treasure-hunting as players explore grid spaces for resources. It seems to be more akin to Kabam’s style of strategy game, which tends to appeal to dedicated hobbyists as opposed to casual players.

The price of the acquisition was not made public. 3 Blokes Studios will remain an independent studio much like RockYou’s Playdemic, which was acquired in January. RockYou’s internal games development continues with Zoo World 2, which just entered closed beta ahead of launch.