Rocketboom Relaunch On Hold


The disproportionately-hyped relaunch of Rocketboom is taking longer than expected. The vlog, which last week lost its popular star, Amanda Congdon, to the bright lights of Hollywood in an abrupt sea change, was to have launched Monday at 9:00AM EST, only to be pushed back a day.

Now, majority stakeholder Andrew Baron has posted this note to fans:

Producing Rocketboom every day is a challenge but nothing has ever been as challenging as what we are going through right now.

Rocketboom was obviously very dependent on Amanda’s role. Since she left so suddenly, I have tried to get the episodes up and running as soon as possible, though I am not comfortable with the way they are going yet.

It’s easy enough to recreate the same thing, the challenge here is to do the next.

Thanks again for standing by, we are giving it our all!

If you ever looked to the archives, you may have noticed that there is
one episode that has always been missing: the first episode. There is a reason why.


As rexblog’s Rex Hammock asks:

Which is better?

A. Floundering in the spotlight

B. Being brilliant in obscurity

We’d choose “C. Being brilliant in the spotlight” but, like all trick questions, Hammock doesn’t offer such an option.

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